Worm gears

Reliability is key for all worm gears. Swedrives standard range consists of numerous sizes up to c/c 125mm and 1500Nm torque in one or 2wo steps. Configure your worm gear here.

Advantages of worm gear drives from Swedrive:

  • Compact design enables easy integration
  • Very low noise level
  • Efficiency of up to 90% thanks to ultra-modern manufacturing process
  • Reliable and stable, with high utilization level and low maintenance costs
  • Reduction ratios of up to 100:1 in a single stage
  • Ideal for applications that involve demanding operating conditions
  • Worm screw in hardened and precision-ground steel
  • Worm gear in high-quality bronze for optimum wear resistance
  • Couplings designed for efficient, flexible and innovative combination possibilities
  • 3D CAD -files

A segment were our worm gears are often used

The food & beverage industry is one segment were our worm gears are used. Compact build in dimension, low noise level and high reliability from a life time and leakage perspective are some arguments to use Swedrive worm gears.

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